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There are so many answers on the ''Good moveset for _____'' that are total crap. It's supposed to be a good and TESTED moveset for COMPETITIVE, not a moveset that you've used to sweep the Elite 4 with 78 Full Restores..... I suggest everyone who can hide go hide the bad movesets on those Qs (It's obvious which ones are bad and which ones are not).

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Coming from the guy that likes to post mono-type sets on chat.
:D To annoy you.
I'm tired of people not putting an actual title in the title on questions ;)
Danat worry Pokemaster :D

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Yes, I see your point, but half the reason for the moveset questions is to allow users to essentially ask whether their moveset is OK. And voting is there for a reason!

Outright awful movesets (and duplicates) should be rejected by the mods, so if you see some bad ones, feel free to flag them and a mod will check them out.

However, maybe we should require EVs, ability and so on? That should keep the quality up and weed out the people who have no idea what they're talking about. If you can think of another solution, let me know.

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There's only one problem. Some people don't understand EV's, natures, and such. I would say that an ability should be required, but for a long time I didn't understand what EV's were. I always include everything I can, but others might not know. It would make answering hard for newcomers.
How about requiring to put pokemons "role" by people who dont understand EV nature and such so people who DOES know can guess their EV and nature easily and edit it in
"That should keep the quality up and weed out the people who have no idea what they're talking about."

If they don't understand EVs and Natures, they don't know what they are talking about.
That isn't true. Some people play a lot of pokemon and know good movesets, but they have never done any competetive battling. You don't have to understand EV's and natures to post good movesets.
^ True Story, that used to be me.

When I finally understood EVs, I put them in every one of my Moveset/RMT posts. I learned what natures were shortly before I came here.
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If an answer has EVs / description, natures, an item, and moves, we approve it.

Simple enough.

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And reason for the downvote? If that's how it goes, it should be entitled «Moveset for ____».
Because "Good" is one's own definition.
Hyper Beam=awesome
Movesets are there for anyone to use, either good or bad.
Pokemon would be no fun if people only posted the best moveset, and only USED the best moveset.