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I asked a bunch of counter questions and then I got an idea. We can have a section where battlers can ask questions like- What is a good counter for Malamar?

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Counters for most Pokemon are really obvious. Best counter for Malamar? Scizor. Best counter for T-Tar? Any decent fighting type, etc.
It's only for really tough Pokemon like Mega-Kangaskhan or Mega-Gengar that the answer isn't obvious.

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Users on Chat or our Showdown server will almost always help you counter any Pokemon you need. Otherwise, you could post on how to beat them if your not sure on the actual Pokemon move pages, if you can't find anything around.

Again, this seems like something likely to happen if the forums go up (heh, there are a lot of those lately). If you can be patient, this may be used yet. But right now, it probably won't. the Db isn't a competitive oriented site. If you want one, look for Smogon

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PM was the one who said he wants them to happen. Don't whinge at me for saying to wait to see if they're coming or not.
he did? kewl
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