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It's not that well done, this could be another helpful contributing thread you could use? :D

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Add a link to the egg groups part. This one..
I agree, the dictionary is slightly not very good, and contains about 10 words. There need to be more.
Noby, that's because most of those words are explained on other pages such as the ones where they are relevant to the Pokemon at hand.
It can be helpful to add in a few things, like priority, confusion (debatable), infatuation (debatable), defense, special defense, speed (we have HP,attack and special attack so why not). It's also possible to add status ailments as they're side-effects (like burn reducing attack, paralysis redusing speed and badly poisoned increasing damage every turn) but this is also debatable.
Adding tiny things like contact/non-contact moves, special, physical and status moves (meaning) can be useful as well, though the first is not at all necessary IMO.
OU, UU and Uber tiers are present, but RU, NU and PU (borderline and limbo too, but they are almost non-existant) are not there.
Adding the meaning of EVs and IVs is also a possibility, with a link about them more in detail below them.
Another thing: the meaning for HM is given, but TM is missing (for whatever reason are either of them supposed to be there :/).

Again, only suggestions, none of these really HAVE to be there at all.
Ability ,move ,happiness ,Pokemon Amie(or just Amie) ,evolution, mega evolution

are also some suggestions.

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Yes, that is definitely something you guys can help with! Originally the glossary was just a test page but then I needed to link to definitions for a few things. But yes it's pretty bad right now and could do with expanding.

Actually, we had a bunch of help from people before. Here is the link to the spreadsheet, I'll add that stuff to the glossary when I get round to it.

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