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OK so the first part was quite successful and plenty of people showed an interest and provided some great samples. The next stage is to write more of them!

I have set up a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs with a list of Pokemon. The people who wrote good stuff on the first thread will shortly be added as editors so they can mark which Pokemon they want to do and write their stuff.
EDIT: looks like this is called Google Drive now. It's at - I think to make your own docs you need a Google account. If you have problems or don't want to use Drive then use

Spreadsheet is here

Note: If it wasn't clear on the first thread, you need to write an example first before you get added. This is so I can give any tips and help before you spend time writing tons of them that get rejected.


  1. Pick a Pokemon you want to write about.
  2. Put your name next to that Pokemon to "claim" it so others know you are doing that one. To make it fair, don't claim more than 3 Pokemon in advance at a time. Once you have done those you can do more.
  3. Write it in your own document (on Google Drive or Pastebin), following the guidelines on the previous thread. Click the "Share" button then under "Who has access" click "Change..." and select "Anyone with the link" and save.
  4. Copy the URL where it says "Link to share" and put it the third column of the spreadsheet.

You can put all your intros into one doc, that's probably easier. Just put the link by each Pokemon you do. One small change to the guidelines is that the first sentence will now be auto-generated, but I would recommend putting that in just so you remember. For me it helps with the flow of writing.

Also be sure to check out what others are writing so you can pick up ideas and tips and so on.

Answer below if you have any questions!

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Pm, for Rotom, do you have to do one for each form or just Rotom?
I'm thinking about doing Rotom :3
Can we up vote really good ones?
hey, just wondering if you are still checking the first page on this topic. I know I am very new here, but I can write a couple more examples if you want to check that I know what I am talking about.
The first part was easier to understand, and I saw it first so can you check anything in the first part? And maybe add anyone who you think is ok/good/excellent/whatever to the list?

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OK, so I typed up my intro, uploaded to my drive, followed your instructions, but when I open the spreadsheet, I can't claim my Pokemon or paste the link. So, how do I paste the link and claim a Pokemon? If you want the link, here it is:

You can't write on there because I didn't add you yet. I will add you in a little while :)
OK. I'll assume you'll tell me when you add me.
I've added you now. Since you are a very new member, can you do a couple then let me know so I can check them? Thanks.
I think I will only be writing Snorlax, for now anyway. But, yeah, sure I can let you check my work.
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same as dark charizard, im new to google docs, and I don't know how to access them!

Click the links in my post above to see the documents. To edit them you would need to be approved. Check the previous thread for more details.
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Hope you like them Pm, here they are: - Cyndaquil - Quilava - Typhlosion - Carvanha - Sharpedo - Duskull - Dusclops - Dusknoir - Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam - Riolu - Lucario - Bagon - Shelgon - Salamence - Tentacool - Tentacruel - Cubchoo - Beartic - Larvitar - Pupitar - Tyranitar

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I'm currently doing: Manetric, Gyarados and Aggron, if that's okay.
I think you mean that Typhlosion is a two-legged Pokemon & Quilava is a four-legged Pokemon?
All looks good. Only small thing is the sentence on Typhlosion "it is very distinct in similarities" doesn't really make sense :D

I added you to the spreadsheet :)
Sorry for that error Pm, and thanks :)
Alright, I'll carry on tomorrow, my hands are hurting from all the typing :3
Silly Lb editing people's intros for the sake of it :D
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Sorry, I have to use Pastebin since my Google Drive doesn't work.


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I added you using the email that's in your profile. Did you get an email saying you've been inviting to join a Google doc?
Yes. Oh wait, I assume you have to be logged into Google Docs to access it? My computer always says Google Chrome cannot access this webpage. I'll try restarting my computer tonight and I'll se what happens tomorrow.
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I wrote two introductions, one for Emolga and one for Mienshao:

If approved, I'll end up writing more. :O

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Not that anyone will take them anytime soon but I would like the Lotad evolutions (big surprise)

Here's the doc where I have written the intros (either I haven't been added or I'm having a "drive derp" moment)

Current intros: lotad lombre ludicolo turtwig grotle torterra

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dagnabit I was going to call dibs on them next -_-* (lol looks like someone would have taken them soon)
Um, I think you'll have to change the privacy settings for your document Mad. I tried to look at it but it said I didn't have permission. D:
Oh oops "derp drive" moment
I've changed the privacy settings (I also wrote a Torterra intro for my own enjoyment, but if someone else really wants Torterra they can do it)
Does anyone mind if I do more intros? I wish to do the Beldum line. Ill do more if/when I'm approved .
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Well here it is. Here's Shedinja. Click here to view
Bound to have one mistake. xD

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Only 3 paragraphs.
It has three paragraphs now.
Suggestions: Its shouldn't have an ' here, and maybe change "It is known as the shell of Ninjask" to "it is the shell of Ninjask". It's more specific sounding, and the word "Known" looks strange right after the sentence "It is known as the Shell Pokemon".
I do that all the time, and the teachers always has a fit with me when I do this in my writing. :P I'll change this. C'mon PokeMaster. >.<
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That's my Charmander one. I'll write one for another Pokemon soon.

There are a few opinionated sentences in there, but that's a nice post, Poke/ :)
Thanks Flare. :)