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Sometimes I answer a question with zero answers then when I click "post" there's another three answers already. And if their better than mine I just hide mine. I think it would also make sense to allow a user to delete their own post, this way it saves time for whoever else does the deleting (PM, and can the mods delete hidden posts?)

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I realize your inentions here, but why? There is no benefit really to deleting something as opposed to hiding it, and if someone posts something that they shouldn't, then deletes it, how would we know that they ever posted it? Duplicate accounts have even been found because the person commented from the wrong account, and then hid it. If that person had deleted their post then we wouldn't have caught them. It's a good idea, but it isn't really practical.

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Ok that makes sense. Thanks Ben.
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Actually it doesn't save any time, when I want to delete hidden posts I just click one button.

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Ok thx PM.