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The user called Pokemaster.

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Okay, thanx!;D
Why doesn't Pokemaster have the most points here? For example DarkTyphlosion has more. And if Pokemaster owns this site why didn't he put his points to maximum. Maybe 'cause he's fair????
Exactly He's fair. Also DarkTyphlosion got a huge amount of upvotes in the Pokebase section, although if you click "Users" for the meta section you will see that Pokemaster has by far the most points. And he probably hasn't answered any questions in the RMT(Battle Subway) section, at least I didn't see any answers by him.
Actually, PM has answered 4 questions and has asked no questions. I can't be bothered to check exactly though. :3
K I figured someone with more time on the site would know a bit more bout that and comment. :D
Lol, I guess.