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It says in Platinum you can catch Budew at level 10 or like 11 in route 204?! In Diamond and Pearl I find them at level 3! Please look on Seribii or Bulbapedia.

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you know there are two sides to route 204 with different leveled pokemon on each side.  There is the jubilife side and the floroma side.  The pokemon on the floroma side of route 204 are around level 10 so your probably just looking at the floroma side wild pokemon
wait never mind now that i look at the page, it is definitely wrong
Please don't post the same question multiple times. I read this one when it was first posted... I will check into this when I get time.
Ok but you didn't answer but yeah I am sorry
Sorry, I usually don't answer questions like these so I can go to the Unanswered section and see what needs fixing ;)

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