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Every team post I see on the Battle subway is flag due to folks who are not following the rules which is posting in-game teams and no Evs-nature etc.
Now I know it ain't much but I think it increasing

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I literally just came on Meta to report this. I mean seriously, what is with all the in-game teams? I saw a guy using Spell Tag, and Lustrious Orb on D-Nite. That doesn't even make any sense!
I saw a guy using Black Sludge on a Lunatone and a Life Orb on a Ferrothorn with Leech Seed and no other moves...
they even put the levels on their post.
I know. Users (like me) don`t know in-game teams can`t be asked in Battle Subway-RMT.  Explanation: The page is called Battle Subway, so they think of the in-game battle subway.
P.S. I learned you can`t use in-game teams in Battle Subway-RMT  before I looked at this.
Battle Subway questions are actually allowed. We consider the Battle Subway in Black and White "competitive" play. see my answer on your battle subway suggestion.

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Well that's what flags are for... to report posts breaking the rules. I'll look into making it more obvious what's allowed and what isn't, but in-game teams are not allowed and should be flagged/hidden.

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Yea and most folks  said they'll hide it and don't