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I saw one answer from a question that there WILL BE a rule that states that you need to be 13 to be able to post. is this true? and, if so, I have 3 questions:
1.when will it be implemented?
2.how will you inform us about it?
3.And, how will you know our age? (this may sound stupid)

please answer it,

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Pokemaster is the one that said that, and he made and owns the site so it is true.

  1. Pokemaster is working on some other stuff currently, but this probably would take long to implement, so it could be any time, only Pokemaster could say.

  2. Most likely it will be added into the rules page and announced via meta post.

  3. We won't. Pokemaster said himself that he can't ban you for being too young if he doesn't know how old you are, so if you simply don't tell your age, you can't be banned.

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That last point applies to the DB server as well.