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What I mean is can we see who gave us a down vote or who hid an answer and for what mistake. So that we don't repeat it in the future.

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OK I know what you are saying. A couple of things...

  1. Although some people might want to know who down voted them, is isn't that important to see. As Pokemaster says time and time again, points don't matter. So there is no reason to see, as it could start arguments if two people disagree on whether something deserved it or not.

  2. In case of spam down voting or dupes voting on each other. Pokemaster can see who down voted who. So if your worried about that, just inform Him.

  3. Again, I am going to say it doesn't really matter if people see who hid other peoples post. You can see who hid your own post,if you really want to know. And if you think it was hidden un-fairly there is a thread you can use to appeal your situation.

This is what I think.

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"Him" is capitalized when you were referring to Pokemaster XD
Arceus IS His Gravatar. :P
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Only Pokemaster can see who voted on what at the moment. It should show who hid your answer/question if it is hidden however.

If somebody down votes or flags a answer/question, it is always nice of them to say why they have done so anyway. If you are wondering why your post was downvoted, post a comment on it asking why if you must; somebody may explain why.

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Oh, I didn't see your answer. hmm... well, we sorta said the same thing.