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Today is over the 20th time ( Been counting )
That someone dropped the F-Bomb while I was in the chat, and it pisses me off!
Could you please just put a censor ban on that word or something?
Since you've been updating the chat, and also, its been a little glitchy at times.

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Yes, I'm sick of going into the chat and seeing Swears all over it! I would suggest getting Chat  Moderators so they can keep order in the chat Pokemaster. I was just about to ask this question too, because I'm sick of this.
3 upvotes in under 10 minutes? I'm feeling happy :D
Really you edited my tag ? XD
I saw he did, so now I changed it this time.
These words just keep getting more and more popular suddenly

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Yes I am planning to add this. There are a bunch of things I wanted to add to chat but I decided to launch the new design now and add them afterwards instead of delaying further.

You may notice that words on the site are ** censored, I just need to hook the chat room into that function and then *** will be sorted.


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