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This is one of those questions that is so ridiculously easy to just google, you get the same answer quicker, and it's just pointless, on top of the fact that some idiot up voted it.

Can't we just ban questions like " Where is [Tmnamehere] in [ gamenamehere ] ? "

Didn't do a good job censoring the name I can see it's killer lucario :p
Hey! *downvote* >:(
Censoring it wouldn't have done anything since you could have just looked up the question.
Oh wow, I got a vote for it Lol
Yeah, I was just putting a line through it, so it didn't look like as much of a tattle tale situation, as a " These questions need to be banned " situation. Which Pokemaster honestly had crappy points, ( No offense ) I still feel that they don't need to be here. Serebii and Bulbapedia both have lists, we might as well just make one and leave that pain to be done with.

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Just because you can find something through Google doesn't mean we shouldn't have it here. I like to think we have the best answers here, better than other sites you find through Google.

For example most of the top answers for that question in Google just say "Route 7" but our answer (which is also in the search results now!) has more information.

Agreed because most sites have very vague locations but the answers here can specify.
And if we have the answer here, Google will simply bring the person to this site! Hooray advertisement!
Agreed! *upvote* >:(
Exactly. Most people use Google to search for things, so if we can provide the best answer out there, everybody wins!