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I just don't want to deal with the whole hiding thing.
The rules don't have anything against it, but I've had this sort of question flagged and hidden before.

Can someone suggest a final pokemon for my planned White 2 Team?
I have so far: Drapion, Magnezone, Haxorus, Volcarona, and Jellicent.
No starters, and no Legends

No, questions about ingame teams are not allowed.
This is allowed you just can't RMT about your ingame teams, or atleast thats how I remember it

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No, you cannot ask ingame or "team" questions like this
>uh doodz plz rate mah emboar lol?

Okay, that was overreacting. But there ARE questions like that. Sometimes.

>What should be the final Pokemon for my Pokemon Y Team?

That is both ingame and team. Not allowed

What is the best Pokemon for (Insert part of game here)?

That's ingame. You just level up and everything will be fine!

>How can I improve this team?

This is team. Not allowed, belongs on the Battle Subway.

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Why did you link Battle Subway?
Idk, I like to link things as much as possible for newer users, I guess. Sue me.
... I joined in May...
pppfffft :P