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Gender:Are you duh stupid or somting? I am duh Boromir, what genduh do you tsink I am, bic boi
Country: Middle Earth
Favorite Pokémon: Wai yu ask dat?!?!
Friend Codes:Wat is dis $#!+?!?!?
About me:I kneeu yu gonna say dat.. WAI YOU WANT TO KNO ABOUT ME?!?

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Probably. o_o
Right back at you, "Wai yu ask dat?!?!"
There is nothing wrong rule breaking in it, not quite sure why you would want your profile to say that though...

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This should be allowed as you're not technically insulting anyone, although people may find you weird or rude after reading your profile.

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I'm sure many people think I'm one of those mature girly-girls after they read my profile, but when they meet me they learn something neeew. :3
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People will probably view you as a complete dick and your reputation will go down, so I wouldn't recommend it.

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