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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am here to inform of a slight issue with the way that my profile is presented on my computing system.

'Kay, I hate classy talk. :x
While me and Jaja were having an enticing conversation, we bumped heads when we (or I, or he, or whatever) found out that we seemed to have our profiles formatted differently. The way he looks at profiles is THIS:

However, on MY really awesome LAPTOP (go laptop :3) it's formatted like THIS!?:

Shocking right OMG :o
My laptop is really small, and so that is probably the reason I'm looking at it like that, but I really am curious to see who's profile formatting is actually normal. :P
This is the same formatting as it is on my phone so yeah. I DUNNO HELP ME PWEASE ;~;

Love with kindness, happiness, sunshine, rainbows, loveliness, love, more love, a pinch of hate, and some cupcakes from,
Yo BFF for fowever,
!•~Indigo~•! :D

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100% Zoom = Jarjar's so thats the normal one
125% Zoom = yours
(On a standard 15.6 inch laptop on Google Chrome :I)
I have 100% zoom though. D:
Did anyone realize that in the image of JJ's screenshot there was a tab open on how to screenshot?

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Because the site automatically adjust's to your screen's size and/or zoom.

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Is JarJar's version the normal one or mine? :3
That's if there IS a normal one, of course.
jaja´s :D
^ like  said i get that one on a standard size laptop