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Ok I think I know.

Writing long and well thought out RMT's takes up long amounts of time. A lot of people don't like spending time improving other people's team instead of their own.

Also, a lot of RMT's are new users that know little about this kinda thing. So they can just improve their teams by learning the basics first,so just a few comments and your off!

another thing is a user might not have any suggestions on a team, especially compared to the user actually asking the RMT. And for very small improvements a comment is all it takes. You don't have to explain things more than you should have too right? Many people think so.


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oh,ok then :)
Your Welcome!
Adding on this, some people also just give improvement suggestions in the chat or after batling the team. So people don't want to retype their suggestions again.

Also, some teams just don't have much in terms of detail, meaning that all we can do to improve the team is give the standard movesets in place of whatever strange things people new to the game decide is a good idea. This gets boring after multiple answers, so we tend to stop answering except every now and then (similar to how some of the higher ranked users such as myself operate in terms of answering questions on the Pokebase).