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Someone could easily just take a team.
Pika nearly got banned for stealing a team. Why are they open to thieves on the RMT? One could be being stolen right now. Like if I made a team I wouldn't want someone stealing it and using it for their own personal gain.

I don't see how we can prevent this, but I see what you mean. If someone stole my UU team, or any of my teams, I'd be mad.
who is Pika?
Pika is De-*Realizes* "Pika" is another word for Gligurr. Don't you have a thesaurus?

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The problem is more of posting a team you didn't make and have it available to be upvoted, which is why there were problems with what Pika did.

Nobody gives a damn if you use another person's team, just so long as you don't try to take credit for it.

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Yeah... you can't really steal a team...
......Yeah, you can xD
Not really. cause a single team can be made by hundreds of different people without any of them knowing that they have to same team. And take parts of a team is not either, cause they can make it up themselves too.
it is one thing if you made the team, we are talking about posting a team that you didn't make. For example, someone stole my UU team yesterday but posting it and saying it was their's. Someone else somewhere in the world may have that same team but I don't know them and therefore I really don't care.