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Competitive teams only: In other words, teams for competitive battling with other people or the advanced post-game sections like Battle Tree or Pokemon World Tournament. No teams for regular gameplay.

But what about speed runs? I'd say they ain't regular gameplays. Although, these peculiar teams aren't used for battling other trainers. They don't complete Battle Tree or whatever either.
The same rule counts with nuzlockes or any locke that doesn't give you any random Pokémon. They ain't used for, again, battling other trainers. and people usually don't go to Battle Tree or anything else. Besides of course, Red or Blue, that's a must have of course.

That's all!

No because they are not teams for competitive battling.
Do Nuzlockes involve any strategy other than overleveling everything?
I'm going to let Pokemaster cover this one, but I'm learning toward no. As it is, allowing Battle Tree does enough to blur the line of what is competitive.
Speedrunning strategies usually involve overlevelling your starter, they don't construct teams as that would take too long
I'm going to say no for this one. RMT is for competitive battling and other advanced postgame stuff. Nuzlockes are ingame teams.

Speedrun teams wouldn't even be needed either; usually you'd just overlevel a certain Pokemon (e.g. Nidoking or Squirtle in RB)

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