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If by mistake I or some one else posts a question in the wrong section of the website and realizes it then can the person change its location directly instead of typing it again . If you cannot then won't it be a good idea for newbies and people like me?

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Not possible at the moment, except for Pokemaster. He can do nearly anything. However, I (and some others) have suggested it before and it may be added in the future.

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Can we contact pokemaster  except on this website for I  rarely have seen him
you can't really contact him. There is a likelihood that he will see messages but other than emailing him (which you can't do obviously) nope not really.
BTW I can only move questions from Pokebase to Meta or RMT, not the other way round. The thing I set up is a bit of a hack. At some point I will set it up properly so that mods can move stuff too.