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Missingno is pokemon #0 in National dex.

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Yeah I could add a page of information about it at some point... but as usual I have many other things to do first so it will be quite a while.

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.....This doesn't belong here, im not sure if it even belongs on the site Missing no. is a GLITCH,And HACKED pokemon,its called Missing No because it doesn't exist without hacking.So the answer is we already know what hes like and there is nothing else to know, so your questions answer is No.:) Have a nice day

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It's not always been a glitch.  In the original red, blue, yellow you can get him by flying to a certain place from inside the safari zone.  Take That!  Also, don't be so furious in your answers.

P.S.  What do you mean the site Missing No?  Is it it's own website?
Missingno. is only obtained through hacking in the newer games.
ln Red Blue and Yellow, it was obtainable!
lol i was pissed off that day.