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Maybe only allow people to be able to vote on stuff after gaining a certain number of points. By doing this, it prevents the temptation to vote down other things from new users, and prevents such incidents as with Dj11, who votes down everything in sight without proper knowledge or etiquette of doing so. This M.O would help keep things fair; they'll only have voting influence once they learn the ropes. On top of that, it keeps people from making duplicate accounts and voting their own stuff up.

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yeah dj11 is spouting stuff about the rules to people about movesets from 10 months ago then deliberately breaking the rules and even having the cheek to tell us that they were voted down''because he wanted them to be''

Rich Text upgrade and avatars was the Revive.
Chatroom and visual upgrades was the Super potion.
This improved vote system would be the Full Restore.

Great idea, DT!
What's the sacred Ash then?
Those metaphors have a point. Prior to the "Revive" the sight was falling apart. People were leaving. Then Pokemaster gave us some upgrades, a better chatroom, and the avatars, and finally the rich text, and we decided to stay. We're all happy! And that voting thing would put us over the top!

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Right on. I'm actually planning to do this when our software adds that feature (soon, hopefully!)

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