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I really find it annoying how I need my comments on RMTs and META questions checked and approved when I have auto-approval in Q&A. It makes very little sense to me. Why not just make a universal points system, where the three sections all use a collective pool of points?

Probably because they're different, and knowing what to and not to post in any section doesn't mean you know about the others.

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Because skill and contribution

Anyone can answer an ingame question but can be bad when it comes to teambuilding. One can contribute to the site but not be good at pokemon. This is why there is not a universal points system.

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That makes sense, but when it comes to trust, it should at least take the highest point value for that. Someone who contributes in the Q&A isn't going to post spam in RMT comments.
You misunderstand. He meant that you might be really good at rating teams and battling, but not good at contributing to site matters. So why should they have loads of points for something they know nothing about?
About upvote and downvote privillages, someone might suggest really good things for the site but not know anything about competitive and might vote up/down a team that shouldnt have deserved that up-/downvote
I understand what all of you are saying. I suppose the benefits outweigh the slight annoyances.