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I would like to print out the page http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/national pictures and all (perhaps without ads and headers, but that's not as important)

However, when I try this now I get a load of pages Without Pictures

This page is exactly what I've been looking for mvh. easily viewable and referable list of all the Pokémon with pictures and number/name in one page

Preferably the "print" page could have some whitespace and "air" trimming too.

Thanks for any replies ~ZB

(as a side-note, it would be great to get all egg-groups in one page as-well)

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I have been looking into this and I don't think it ill be easily possible. All the images on the page are actually background images (one big image, actually) to save loading time on the page. All browsers ignore those when printing and there's no way to force them to print.

I'll have a think and see if there is another solution though.

EDIT: oh, actually it should be possible - check your page setup for an option that says "print background images". That should do it!

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