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I suggest that we add some Chat Moderators. There is always an issue when you go to the chat. People Spamming and saying that they wont stop, Obsolete Swearing from many users in the Site which drives me insane. I know we have Moderators but they are barely In the chat so they can stop them. So please Answer.

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Even when we're in the chat, there's not much we can do; pokemaster said he's going to improve the chat eventually, so all we can do is wait.
I like the suggestion.
Pkmn Gamer is currently Spamming Emotioncons and spamming the word Spam in the chat. See what I mean..
That's is not tru pb lies jus bc he can't laugh bc he's a robot xp

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I feel like I can answer this. Pokemaster has said that the next update to the Pokemondb will give ban powers to the experts and editors. Meanwhile, I'll just do voodooo to punish unruly people on chat :P

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you know there is no such thing as voodoo