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Duplicate account?

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I'm pretty sure these are duplicates.


This is the current Hydreigonrocks created 3 weeks ago.


This is his old Account, made 1 month ago, with -180 points.
His newer account has 506 points.

I'm not directly accusing him of voting himself up, but i'm 90% sure, he made a new account, with a small enough name change for most to just think he came out of the negative points, but he has had a few moments of random upvotes.

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ah ( evan though i have 2 to) i dont up my answers look at drakoRage now no more ups no downs
once i did it ok
This has no accusation towards you at the moment, you already have a question regarding that, which has not yet been answered by Pokemaster.
This account just was used.  Could be related, but it HAS existed for one month...
I think you two are on to something.
ok i will admit that hydreigion rocks is my old account, i made a new one becuse two of my questions got hidden and i had -180 :-(. but i never used it for voting up and i dont know who hydreigonrox is that is definitely not me,check the ip adress
and also i dont know why it says 3 weeks it has said 3 weeks for a few months now

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OK old account is blocked just to prevent any voting (which there wasn't any I don't think).

Anyway hydreigonrocks is a decent member now so it's cool.

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thanks for believing me :-)