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there is a strong chance of this being a duplicate account of

Because this character asked this question Immediately after joining the site. Rosly almost instantaneously answered with an answer that has not been confirmed and he gives no proof yet got 3 +votes and best answer I believe he has at least 4 accounts including his main account.

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Also it is highly unusual for a brand new user to immediately know how to best answer.
And Logo's given 18 upvotes.
yeah 2 hrs and 18 upvotes even when upvotes gave you points that rarely happened.

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Hmm, those accounts are all linked to GAMEBEATER as well as 2 other accounts. And it looks like they are answering each other's questions..... >:(

GAMEBEATER if you're reading this, care to explain?

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Rosly is my brother, and because he wanted to have many points he made some extra accounts.
Well,he gives points with his other accounts onto him and sometimes if I ask or answer he gives me up-votes since we are relatives... I also learnt this thing with this account few days ago. I can also explain whatever question you want I have nothing to do with this accounts.
Can you prove that. You should not let him vote up your answers repeatedly that is the same as duplicate accounts. I have a little brother but I do not let him make an account here because he might cheat for me. I still don't entirely believe your story because that excuse has been used several times by other users.
I don't know if you want to bilieve me but I tell the truth. I even not know the password and the inscription e-mail of those accounts.
It does make more sense in this case then in others, though, SF.  Why would he want 2 main accounts (GAMEBEATER and Rosly)?
Exactly, GAMEBEATER is my main and only account. Rosly is my brother's main account.
OK well I unblocked Rosly for now but the others are still blocked and the points removed.
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the accounts are Rosly,Hm leader,Logo,Karnoas . I will don't play anymore ...

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