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We've had so many retarded questions lately, that I think we should really have Question Mods.

Gather up a group of people, who are decently smart, to the point of knowing if something is a decent question or not,

But another thing would to be have a large amount of people who also get on frequently, and alot during the day.

You could have a side page for them with " Pending Questions "

You could have it to the point where you could still see the questions even if they were flagged to not be a good question, or a decent question at that.

This being a way to filter out alot of our pitifull questions.

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The editors already have the power to hide questions; if there's a bad question, then just vote it down to make it easier to see, then someone will hide it. Just remember that it has to break the rules for it to be removed or voted down. If it's a simple question, that's fine though, as long as it doesn't violate any of the rules.

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