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Possible way to have more thoughtful downvoting...?

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Recently I came across this question.

What I don't understand at all is why this question even got a downvote. Cobragon clearly stated his problem about Charizard not forgetting Cut, he gave the scenario he was in, and he had tags related to the question.
How could this get a downvote?
This is where my idea comes in.
Instead of just being able to downvote when you get the privilege, you should have to give a reason why you downvoted said question.

For example, we have this question after I did some digging.
For a reason, I would say "Question is hard to read, with spelling and grammar errors."
Either that or there could be a checkbox.

To prevent random downvoting mods would review downvotes and if it doesn't apply, take them away.

Note that this is just an idea.

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Hold on, hold on...

Wrong answers or answers with bad spelling get downvoted.

Flags are for rule breaking.

On Pokebase, no opinion in your votes.
bump.  i have seen and received some pointless downvotes these weeks. it would be a really good idea if mods could remove spam-downvotes
why do people care about downvotes so much?  Theyre only ten points .-.
^ yeah, true. But i have no problems with the -10 points, just the annoying downvote itself
Seriously guys, don't worry about it. Sometimes dumb downvotes are given - mods and editors cop a load of it, but we aren't complaining. I have 85, and I really wouldn't care if I had a hundred.

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