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why do only about 40/2132 use the site

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why is it that this site has over 2000 users but only 30-40 of them ask/answer/comment/vote/use the chat

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Not everyone uses any site. Lots of people just tried it out, but haven't kept up with it. Others Use it, but just stop coming altogether. It's that way with every site. Just imagine how many inactive youtube accounts there are.

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And some people come on and off, like Fritjof.
I haven't been THAT random. I disapeared for... 8 months ... but it's not like it was totaly unannounced.  It's not like I'm here then gone every other month! And yes, I did have a few innactive days in which I thought I'd quit, but that was just once!  (I think the next time I leave I'll leave for good.  No more "on and off". Thank you very much, trachy.)
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DT is right, most sites have plenty of inactive users. People make accounts then forget about the site, or maybe they put in a fake email and can't confirm it to be able to post.

Also, not everyone wants to post all the time. Maybe they just want to learn from the questions that have been asked, or maybe there aren't any questions they can answer.

Also, it's way more than 40 people. Here are some statistics:

  • 130 users have posted something in the last week.
  • Over 220 users have logged in in the last week. This is not necessarily everyone who has visited because some people stay permanently logged in.
  • Nearly 450 users have either posted or logged in this month of May.
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