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Like one could count as losing or getting 5 points like nowadays I see alot of answers that deserve credit but not full credit of a whole vote but not worthy of a down vote same as some RMTS now not worthy of a complete down vote but but its not good.

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I like the concept but not the idea.
It does make sense to me what you're saying, and l understand it, but it just seems really weird.

I half vote this up!

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This would just make things more complex. People will get more or less credit depending on how others vote. Think of it like this: if one answer is great and one answer is "half good" as you put it, someone might upvote the half good answer, but others won't. But they'll all vote up the great answer.

Remember, if an answer is okay but not good, you can add a comment to say what's wrong with it. If an answer is incorrect then vote it down as normal.

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