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I wanted to fool around and make an unnoffical newscast/internet newspaper for the DB. Sections and articles on what's hot on Meta, Pokebase, and the RMT, and maybe battling tips from users I interveiw. I'd show it to the other users, but not really anywhere else.
May I?

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Hey, I suggest this when you get to see it.

Smogon has a large group of writers and battlers to cover many different aspects, from in-game stuff to competitive to just silly things for fun. I think that you should epmloy mane differnet talented writers and also ask for suggestions off people on what they want to read about. I don't know about anyone else, but I am a fairly talented writer should I stop being lazy enough (non-competitive mainly, but I could write very entertaining storys related to Pokemon or encounters on the DB :D)

Possible features;

competitive view on any subject
fun pokemon trivia / quizzes
interviews with users
local goings on
anime style
(filler articles, check the smogons webzine for what i mean)

I highly, highly recommend that you employ workers to help you write and edit any and all articles. I have wanted our own DB webpaper for ages. I got a name :D

"The DB times"
Nice one, PX! I love your suggestions.

Confirmed writers: Hex will do an article on competitive battling, I'll take care of some of the ban report news. Rio can write anything she wants, if she isn't too busy.
PX, maybe you could do something on the fun aspect of Pokemon?
Moderators can pick whomever they think would be a good writer for an article.
I can write anything you wish me too. If you want me to do the fun aspects, then sure xD but I am a really deep emotional writer. But Ok :D

Rio would be perfect as a writer, and don't just use hex. You could do things like favorite metagmes and stuff like that. Include all the good battlers. As well as anything obscure you can think off.

Btw if you need me too I can prove my writing skills by pastebin or something :p
:P Hex never battles lol Why just one writer for competitive? Unless you are only planning on writing about their most solid tier. e.g. if I was a writer I would not know jack about Nu :P
Nono, I just wanted him to write an article or two, not be in charge of the whole thing. :P

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Sounds interesting. Like SBR said this would be better suited to the forum when it's done.

Or perhaps you could make a Google Doc and let people know the link when it's done.

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I really like the DB Times.. It would be hard for us to keep it going daily, so maybe we should leave that out, just in case.
News Net sounds great, too!
Who's gonna decide who names it? The mods?
Db Times is unoriginal, though xD
Says the guy who Suggested the DB News. :P
The DB Droplet
The DB times sounds so classic tho. It's the best name for it, trust me :D