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We got the usual "Cannot connect" message again.

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Oh, really?

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As I just posted in chat...

Not exactly sure what happened but it may have been my doing.
It seems like if the database gets overloaded at any point it breaks and doesn't come back until I restart it.

I was just doing something earlier that maybe overloaded the database. Then I went out for a few hours :D

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Yeah, I got pretty freaked out. The Home page is whacked, though.
The only thing it said was,
And then, when I tried to go to any PokeBase-related page it gave me this weird message...
Anyway, is it fixed? If it is, than thanks!
Alias, the home page was normal for me, it was just the Pokebase, Meta, and Battle Subway I could not connect to.
Well, it was freakish for me. Also, my name doesn't start with a capital letter.
It's: "alias".