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Can we do awards?

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ok, before i start off, have any of you seen the grammys awards or emmys awards or the oscars awards?
well, im bringing it in and introducing to the database.
i was thinking we could make awards like friendliest user and most helpful user here.
so, would it be ok to do this, pm?

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I like the idea of most helpful award!

You could use some of these as awards.
No don't bring anything to do with Smogon here. Smogon is bad.
Example A: JirachiCelebiMew
OK. I just provided that link for some good examples.

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This was already suggested and we started on it but never finished. At some point I will add polls to people could vote on stuff like this.

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I imagine he just got back from the party which I was hosting o3o
Partay? Wehere? :D
it's over now but you're welcome to come over and help clean up the bottles :D
Wait, if Sciz is from England then he was on the site at 4am... anyway according to the time the answer was actually posted at 01:15:32.
And you left the party at around 12:50 pm so that sound pretty accurate.