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Upon seeing B3N's (|SentByRavens|'s) guide about Spam an idea flew by my mind. Spamming can happen at any time and there isn't always someone that could help. The new Moderators and Editors are doing awesome but everyday as I have been watching Spam is becoming more common by the second and isn't even considered as a Spam often. For this reason I thought of the following thing:

After an amount of Spam you are prohibited of posting anything for 5-10 minutes. The time varies according to the type of Spam. I was also thinking of there being a clear post after you have been disabled that explains what you did for example: DB~Valet has been disabled from chatting for 5 minutes because:
- This user used Caps more then 5 times in less then 2 minutes
- used intolerable language over 2 times in 1 minute
- etc...

I didn't want to sound to strict but I fear that if this isn't treated soon enough that it could get out of hand. This is usually done unintentionally but talking to the user doesn't always work as well and then he/her has the tendency of repeating this.

No one really enjoys being disabled of chatting so I am hoping if this is approved, that the amount of Spam, both intentional as well as unintentional Spam will be decreased.

I hope this makes rage-spammers think twice. Every time they Spam, they get disabled.
I wouldn't call this a kick, more of a time-out

This is only a suggestion
Thanks for reading

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Sounds like a good idea, although the caps policy may pose issue. I can say things like B3N or RPG or HGSS in standard appropriate conversation. Do you mean entire statements in caps?
I think the caps idea is a bit wrong. Five caps in a row eh? What if someone accidentally turned on caps lock? An editor or mod is usually on, and when we aren't on, that usually isn't the time trolls come on. They tend not to hang out in empty chats.
^trachy was kicked after this letter.
Unintentional spam would not be decreased by this btw. People who unintentionally spam do just that, they don't choose to spam. Yet they'll still kick for it. A program lacks the compassion and logic of a moderator or editor. And this can lead to some annoying conflicts of what deserves to be kicked when editors and moderators actually are on chat.

As for "intolerable language", Pokemaster has all the language he doesn't want people to use censored. Sure people can get past the censor, but if the censor won't stop it, this program wouldn't either.

If someone does spam, just post on the ban report and we'll give them a warning. If they don't listen, then they'll get banned for increasing increments of time.
and Hex is always on chat

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Trying to come up with a specific thing to auto-ban or prevent posting is pretty difficult. There could be valid reasons someone posts in caps, then you gotta make sure you don't block people who post only some caps, and that they posted it several times in a row or within a time period.

One thing that may work is preventing people posting over and over in a row without anyone else posting in between. I will look into this in the future.

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Would editors and mods be exempt from this?
the only issue I can see is that I wouldn't be able to talk to myself whilst alone in chat anymore :(

Otherwise it looks good.
ok Pokemaster, and thanks for your  time