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DB Server draft ~ ranks and what we need.

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What we need:

Scizornician: Ok so I want to add a background image for the DB server but I don't want to do it without PM having a say. So PM if you could answer on what You would like so I can get someone on Deviant art to custom draw it. Then Noir said he would render the image to make it look extra sexy.
If any other people have any suggestions please comment instead of answering and your comments will be taken into consideration. PM please answer with what you want.


So far we have two pieces of Graphic art for the server. I will add more when they're up. Here they are:
Main Background
DB Server Logo
Lobby Chat Background


Pokemaster will decide. (democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch)

We will be doing a Hunger Games theme!

~ (Administrator) -> President
& (Leader) -> Gamemaker
@ (Moderator) -> Head Peacekeeper
% (Driver) -> Peacekeeper
+ (Voice) -> Career
! (Muted) -> Avox

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+1 Hunger Games <3
Avox <3
Actually, the whole system is great, nice job ;)
Lol that Drapion xD
Is the server still under construction, or is it up yet?

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Sounds cool. Perhaps we could have a Scizor theme since the new design will have Scizor in it.

By the way I love your avatar, maybe something cool looking like that?

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"Here is the main BG: I want to use this as a BG nehind the buttons and i maybe getting a Drapion style one for lobby chat for you PM o3o
Here is the main BG: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/b6ux7.png"

That's what I commented with earlier.
How about my Typhlosion avatar? :D
Fire types. O.O
I would suggest my awesome Weavile, but Amethyst stole it, and Dragonite is too plain no matter how awesome <3
We should just do Arceus, lol.
Eww Arceus is just white and yellow. Yucky taste, DF :D
*looks at PM's Avatar*