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Hi PM,

I know you've been super busy lately, and I respect that, But when you do find the time, the server could use a fresh start. Here's a list of things to do, as of now:

For PM:

  • Hex suggested a making a new repository with a new copy of Zarel's Showdown git. This will probably solve quite a few bugs that we have, such as mute not working, the battles being unable to rejoin, etc.
  • In addition, migrate the format.js, config.js, as well as the config folder, over to the new repository.
  • Add tli123 (me) and Dubstepper (Hex) as contributers to the new PS repo.

For us:

  • Code custom commands, like /imp (jk). Any suggestions can be left in the comments.
  • A new CSS
  • Tournaments - will begin on the server once it is updated! Stay tuned for more details.
  • Metagames (potentially)
  • Custom avatars!
  • The coin system shall return....
  • Fix Broken commands
Bump >.<
Can anyone connect to the server right now?
I can still connect to it.
Only just saw the coin system. Please no. I haven't seen a server where it works. Money systems really aren't fun or useful or anything else ;~
Obligatory bump imo

And we'll test the coin system, if it fails then we can always remove it.

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