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The Ban report page is laggy.

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Can you delete some of the older ban reports?

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Its the same for me.
i'm getting answer and comment lag. Like I write out a comment/answer and it takes a long time to save.
This is likely because there are like, 10 pages of hidden answers. We should probably get rid of some.
It's the same for me. (stupid 'Your submission appears to be a duplicate.' message.)
Lol then you got ninja'd by someone with the same comment as yours xD
I knew it was because of the mass overflow of answers but I didn't know that many :O
ok that makes sense *looks at the long answers dating back to his first report* lots of sense
Yeah, I quit looking at it in frustration of waiting 10 minutes (literally) for it to load up. Then it takes a further 10 minutes more (yes I know) to view answers...

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OK I've removed everything from page 2 onwards and it's a lot better.

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Thanks Pm :)a