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Basically, posts like the Ban Report, the 'Why Were You Banned?' and the minor site error posts. I think we should pin/sticky/whatever them so they stay on the first page. This might not apply just for Meta, since I believe there is a war story thread on the RMT that we could also pin/sticky.


As there might be many posts to pin/sticky, just do an FAQ, which should be clearly seen somewhere on the Pokebase. This might be better than the Useful Posts on the side - if there is an FAQ at the top of the Meta page we will be sure that everybody saw that post, because it's right there.

Great idea, but it'd be very difficult to do. It's basically why we have the useful posts, to keep a constant of the more important posts going around. The FAQ might be useful, but we already have constant posts containing links and other important information.  I'd personally request to just add more 'useful posts', and/or a way to make them more visible. Perhaps next the tabs with all activity etc on them, we could have one called 'important', and have selected posts appear there instead.
There's a section called Useful Posts for a reason.

We could overhaul this to make it more visible, but the Useful Posts are the stickies you are talking about. Maybe another button like "All Activity" or "Questions" that say "Important Posts"?

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