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A lot of people type in '(filler)' in their comments to get their comments over the character limit. Why did you add a minimum comment restriction?

And I'm sure a few people would appreciate if the restriction was lifted?

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As Pokemaster's stated before, the comment section isn't really a place to go chat with users and talk about life, or simple things like just commenting "Lol" or "k" and such. PM has said that the the min. character limit is at 6 so that the person who asked the question may say "thanks", or ask another question about the answer in the comment section. Any other stuff like "omg" or silly stuff like that on comments isn't really supposed to be there. We have a chat room to discuss things such as this, and a good one too. :P

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Thank you. :3
nice (filler)
Yes, it's exactly comments like that we don't care about around here :D
I can tell. x3