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I mean, my emails a bit clogge up with it. Maybe do something like google plus with the +1 every time you get a post? This could maybe go beside you username whete it says hello flare

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Yayy! No more clogging inboxes! I agree with your idea! +1
Yeah, I love this idea :D
Some people didn't sign up with Gmail accounts. Not saying that's me, but just saying... ;)
I don't mind getting my inbox clogged up, because I read my spam so much i'm used to all of that.
I don't get this "clogging inboxes" thing. I get e-mails from the DB all the time, and I love it. :D How about just having a "notify me" option?
I said an option if you want this, not that you have to have it :P

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I have now turned off emails for Wall posts. They were getting a bit ridiculous. I just posted on your wall Flare, can you confirm you didn't get an email from that?

Your suggestion is a good one which I will do soon.

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I got the email (see wall) and thanks :3
You *did* get an email? Dang, you weren't supposed to...
Gowai Poke/, you break my heart sometimes :P