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Some suggestions for your iPhone webapp. The app as it stands now is very impressive especially considering it can be accessed entirely offline without having to go through the App Store. I'm not sure if there are any limitations on the amount of data or some specific functions, but I have some suggestions that would help the app surpass several other apps available on the App Store (that are not free).

A type chart would be very handy, that shows the different type weaknesses and and strengths, with attacking type and the defending type.

In the Pokedex entries, listing the weaknesses, evolution chains, the different shiny sprites and the locations of the
Pokemon, availability per version, etc. This information is very helpful and can be very handy when I need to know specifics quickly.

Also, some bugs, the app does not remember position. I go into view a Pokedex entry and then when I want to go back to the Pokedex, it reloads scrolled all the way back at the top of the list. Is there anyway to alter the code so that it remembers position?

On a similar note, more options for sorting the Pokemon may be helpful. For example, sorting by region, greatest base stat, weight, height, color, etc. Also, maybe a feature that allows us to specify favorites that load on the first page for quicker reference.

I use a 3rd Gen iPod Touch 32GB if this information helps any.

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Honestly, sprites on an app is pretty much useless. What kind of aid can that provide? l do like your favorites idea though. lt'll be much easier than searching for that Pokemon every time.

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All great suggestions.

I plan to add a type chart, Pokemon's type weaknesses and evolutions next. A few people have asked for favourites (plus the 3DS has a bookmarks feature which is nice) so I will likely add that soon as well.

Locations may be added, though it's a lot of data to add.

The position thing is sort of by design. If you scrolled down and tapped to load another 'page,' then the app would stay scrolled down on that page, so I made it always scroll to the top when loading a page. Unfortunately that means when going back it also scrolls to the top. I will have a think and see if I can fix that.

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