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OK, this is gonna sound stupid.. I can't find a certain question. (And yes, I searched for it.)

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I can't find a certain question. It's "Can Metronome Do Metronome? Can metronome do sketch and forget metronome?". I answered it months ago. I looked through my answers AND I searched for it using the exact title. I went through Metronome questions all the way to 2010.
Worse, I can't remember who asked it. xD
Mew answered it too, but the very thought of looking through ALL of his answers makes me want to barf. Can someone link me, please?

I do not think it was hidden because it had two answers, was from long ago, and wasn't really breaking any rules aside from being a duplicate question.

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Mewderator has his own tag. Luckeh. :o

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Sorry Pokemaster, that wasn't it. :/ But thanks for looking.
Well atleast you got your answer :)