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This might sound a bit petty, but I think it'd make for a more pleasant experience if, when searching for an ability/move/pokedex entry in the search bar on the homepage, I were able to scroll through the list of suggestions using the arrow keys on my keyboard.

I know that in the grande scheme of things this won't make much of a difference, but for those who access the site frequently, it would be a noticeable difference.

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Funny enough I thought about that when I made the search bar. The problem is if you only type a couple of letters then there are tons of results. Scrolling through those isn't going to be quicker than typing one or two more letters.

I'm fairly sure that 4 letters is enough to narrow the list down to less than 10 results in all cases.

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That's true - I usually narrow down the results by typing in more characters anyway. What I think would be the main benefit is the ability to reach your destination without even touching the mouse/trackpad. It might just be me, but I love navigating through folders, websites, etc. using only keys.
Thanks for the reply :)