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(NOTE: The reason I said 'is going to' is because it has happened. xD)

Well, the questions below:

Are duplicate questions. However, two people (hint, one of them is me) have already answered the questions. These are duplicate questions, remember.

So, how would you hide the question with the worst answer? Or would a mod with modest moddy-mod powers switch the answer to another question, and then hide the answer-insected question? Or something else?

Please reply, I'm curious. xD

Also, is it me or does my rainbow musical Pokemon-related Gravatar below bigger when I'm the person asking the question, and smaller when answering a question?
Just curious, seeing I am a lunatic. :3

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They would probably hide the one which was posted after the first one.
So they'd hide the late answer? Don't make it complicated, Jaja. xD

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If there are answers on both and the answers are the exact same, as was the case here, the one with the answer that came first gets to stay while the other is hidden. It also helps that the one where this was the case was also the dupe that was asked later, as can be seen by the larger number in the link.

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Thank-oo trashy. :3
I'll remember that when I answer a duplicate question. xD