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Hey there friends. Just wanted to post something random that's been on my mind for a good while. I just haven't been able / bothered to ask it until now XD.

I was wondering if it could be possible for PM or another well known member to create a Pokemon Database Channel on the tube. I'm not completely sure of the process (I sak at the internet :P) but if it can be done I hope it is.


  • We could post tip videos and link them around the site. like "How to use the meta base" type vids
  • We could post like online tutor vids, where experienced battlers share their insight on the competitive without all the typing and character limit...
  • Important announcements could be explained or announced much easier or simpler as a vid rather than a block of writing.

if anyone else has a reason for a vid comment or just edit it in straight away. :3

Well it's just a thought. And it's probably been asked before but I couldn't find anything on search or tags so I think this is legit.

I know all you people expected a wall of reasons and explanations but cba. Anyway, thanks for reading! (If Pokemaster wishes not too volunteers to make the channel are welcome :P)

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Then can i consider this post as a bump? :P
I guess so lol