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Dunno if I should post this here, but a YouTuber with 79K suscribers by the name of ShadyPenguinn referenced the DB in this video.
And as an improvement suggestion to the site, put the abilities on the respective generation moveset pages.

We've went a long way. ;3

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... he did?
Yay, that's an extra 79,000 people to visit the site. :P
And an egglocke is a good idea. o.o
I don't think this suggestion is that useful since I believe every Pokemon kept their abilities and didn't get new ones throughout the generations, with the exception of Hidden Abilities in Gen V.
i follow shadypenguinn, so this is a matter of joy for me :D

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Cool! Always nice to see people recommending the site :)

It was pretty funny that he went to serebii to get Delibird's abilities when they are on the page of PokemonDb he was just viewing...

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