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This will be useful for users that are on often and then seem to disappear for a while.

I think this would be a nice middle ground:

So instead of showing when youre online or not, it just ranks how active of a user youve been within a certain time period
@Ty that is fair. I think it could be something that you could decide whether or not to show on your profile. That suggestion however, is from 2013, and if it hasn't happened since it's not going to happen now
Pm is very... inconsistent with giving us stuff we ask for. I highly doubt he'll do this either, and it takes him forever to get around to stuff, so don't hold your breath. It could happen, esp since you just brought up something similar, he could decide yeah maybe i will do something like that, even if its not exactly the same. Will take him a while, though

Also, I feel like there should be an option to toggle on and off your last online status, similar to how it is on Instagram. This would also prevent the invasion of a user's privacy, which is TY's major concern.
Yeah, I’d be cool with a toggle similar to the wall option.

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