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Whenever i have a question about pogeymanz i ask it here, but lately all i'm playinis hack games, so it'd be nice if i could ask about them, the site has no data about them, but i thought asking about Blaze Black or Flora Sky would be very helful. Please reconsider. Ty

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Cant see this happening because Hack Games aren't official Pokemon merchandise and from what I gather this site is built around official Pokemon.
Also not that many places to find info on it. And if you do, it might not be correct.
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Can you add some examples of questions you would ask about hacked games? I may consider it, but I think I have given many reasons before why we don't allow these questions.

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As I have said in other questions before, hacked games come and go too much for questions on them to be useful.

Usually they have a forum so go and ask there if you have problems.

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