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I edited my profile, and then I clicked Save Profile. Then a message popped up saying: ERROR: You must use spaces.

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Can you tell me EXACTLY what you tried to put in each field?
I am a shiny Haunter. Evolution Date: 27th August 2013

My moves:

Giga Drain, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball

I've started my friend list again, so you gotta earn it again. Some people have automatically gone on it, cos they're awesome :D

Emporer Ectoshock
Artist KS
Madam Gengar
I tried to replace Sucker Punch with Giga Drain and I tried to add Madam Gengar and HyperGengar to the friend list.
I only tried to edit the ABOUT ME section.

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Sorry, I added a check to make sure there are spaces in the profile fields, so they don't break the layout. But it was breaking on new lines as well. I've fixed it now!

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Pokemaster same thing happening w/ my profile plz help meeee
Me too