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Hello ! Pokemaster, I think your favorite Pokemon is Scizor. OK, hide if it is useless, Pokemaster.

My question is:

If Scizor is not your favorite Pokemon, how and why do it happens that Scizor is the "mascot" of ?

It is represented since my very debut in this site until today, and even before, Electivire was with him. Now Electivire left. Pokemaster, according to your profile, you love Drapion, Mamoswine, Tyranitar, Milotic, Krookodile and Mienshao but no Scizor or Electivire ...

I know it's useless, I was just curious about it, since you are the creator of this wonderful site, you may use your favorite Pokemon as its mascot, no ?

I don't ask you to do, either. I was just curious. Thank you and sorry for this stupid-curiosity question.

It's true, Pokemaster can't resist me. Can you PM? o3o
Fun fact: Scizornician loves Scyther.
But PM does luv Sciza :(
Everyone loves Scizor. 'Nuff said.
lolwut :D
I agree with Slash, everyone loves me. *Strikes a pose*
Yeh, I thought he meant does Pokemaster love Scizornician as I see you a lot on this site.

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Pokemaster said before that he thought that Electivire's and Scyther's looks were fitting as mascots (or something along those lines).
And since Scizor is the evolved form of Scyther and this website "evolved" in the third (I think) update...

Thank you ... :D
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From my knowledge, his favorite is Drapion.

Rightfully so...
Yes, but if so, why is Scizor instead of Drapion ? Just curiosity.
Because Scizor compliments the theme well, and he is going to pick the appealing. We used to have Scyther and Electivire.
Oh OK.
Drapion is a pink scorpion :3